Celebrity Sex Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Drunken Boob Flashing

October 20, 2011 in Celebrity Boobs, Celebrity Drunk, Celebrity Tit Flash

Is it a real celebrity sex scandal when an attention whore like Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace shows her tits? Because showing her tits like she does in these pictures appears to be the only thing Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace does these days if you go by google search results.

Perhaps the scandal part about tit flashing has to do with intent. When someone like Maria Menounos shows us her shaven pussy hanging out of her bikini bottom it’s an accident and everyone knows it’s an accident. But when someone like Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace wears a loose, unbuttoned top and flashes her tits it’s not really an accident because it’s difficult to not show your tits in clothes like that.

But maybe in these pictures Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace’s boob show is somewht of an accidnet because she’s obviously stumble-bum drunk and probably has no idea of where she is, yet alone whether or not her tits are hanging out. I would guess that alcohol is also involved in Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace’s barefoot black thong upskirt show here too.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is a classic example of a reality TV-manufactured celebrity. She placed a surprising third (the show’s producers were surprised she did that well) in the UK version of Big Brother a few years ago and has been coasting on that since. Given the number of topless pictures of Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace seems to be increasing with her irrelevance as time goes by I expect to see pussy shots by Christmas.

Celebrity Sex Scandal Legend Drew Barrymore Flashes Letterman

October 20, 2011 in Celebrity Boobs, Celebrity Tit Flash

Drew Barrymore has provided the world with a veritable smorgasbord of celebrity sex scandals. Scion of a legendary family of actors and self-destructive alcoholics; on film at age five; drunk, addicted and recovered autobiographer at 15, Drew Barrymore got a fast start on the scandalous life. And don’t forget E.T. Drew Barrymore’s celebrity sex scandals opened small with a breast reduction surgery at age 16 and then went big in 1995 when she was a cover girl and nude inside the January 1995 Playboy. Also in 1995, and the main subject of this post, Drew Barrymore climbed up on David Letterman’s desk, shook her ass, showed off her slut stamps and then flashed Dave.

Drew Barrymore flashed her tits for Letterman’s birthday. She apparently forgot to stop at a Hallmark Card shop on the way to Dave’s studio. I’d rather have a flash of Drew Barrymore’s tits over a birthday card any day. I don’t remember whether this tit flashing happened before or after Courtney Love flashed hers at Dave but he’s the only man on late night TV to have gotten flashed twice.

Drew Barrymore appears to be the reigning Hollywood queen of breast reduction surgeries. Like I said, she’s reported to have had her first round at age 16. Then she had another round of breast reduction surgery in the 2006-2007 timeframe, exchanging to-the-elbow heavy hangers for a nice set of A or B cut perkies.

Along with Drew Barrymore’s celebrity sex video breast flash of David Letterman, Iv’e also included a few of her nude pictures form Playboy. Sorry about the quality but these are the best I could find. Someone needs to go in and rescan the originals with modern high-res equipment.

Celebrity Sex Scandal Deena Cortese Windblown Upskirts

October 20, 2011 in Celebrity Fat Ass, Celebrity Upskirt

Thankfully for people like me, there are many flavors of celebrity sex scandals to show you. What a celebrity does, where and with whom can all be celebrity sex scandals. As we saw with Jade Jagger, how they look can be scandalous, especially when topless on the beach. And wardrobe malfunctions are always good celebrity sex scandal material, especially when the malfunction exposes a nicely waxed pussy.

In this celebrity sex scandal case of Deena Nicole Cortese from Jersey Shore, I think the celebrity sex scandal here revolves around the fact that she’s a celebrity at all. Deena’s like the lottery winner of celebrities to the second degree. Her friend Snooki, who is only slightly less likely as a celebrity, needed a a new on screen pal on Jersey Shore so she got MTV to cast Deena. That’s like buying a winning lottery ticket from some guy who found it on the street.

The second scandal involving these windblown fatass upskirt pictures of Deena Cortese is her fat ass itself. Enough said about that. The third celebrity sex scandal around these up skirt shots of Deena is that there was some paparazzi stalking her with nothing better to do than to take these fat ass upskirts. And the final celebrity sex scandal revolving around Deena’s fat ass is that you’re reading this article. Why do you care about Deena Cortese’s fat ass?

The only saving grace of these Deena Cortese fat as upskirt pictures is that she’s wearing a thong. I don’t think I could take pussy shots of her. So here are the celebrity sex scandal fatass upskirt pictures of Deena Cortese and then some at a recent event with and without Snooki for comparison.

Celebrity Sex Scandal Angela Martini No Panties Pussy Upskirt

October 19, 2011 in Celebrity Pussy, Celebrity Upskirt

Ultra hot Abanian model and Miss Universe contestant Angela Martini gives a waxed pussy, pantyless upskirt show at the CFDA fashion awards.

Some people think there are too many awards shows but I strongly disagree. We see more celebrity sex scandal cleavage, boobs, nip slips, upskirts and pussies at awards shows than just about anywhere else. As a matter of fact I think there should be more awards shows as long as they all let us see more of Angela Martini’s upskirt waxed pussy lips.

Of course, Angela Martini claims that she had just no idea that she’d be flashing her pussy to the world that night and blames it all on her friends. Here’s what she said shortly afterward and, ever willing to help other women I the same situation, gives us same valuable fashion advice.

“I was in the car on the way to the event and had on panties under the dress. Everyone in the car said I couldn’t wear panties with the dress, ’cause it would ruin the beauty of the dress, so I took them off, not knowing that at certain angles you could see everything. I had no idea that while taking pictures on the red carpet I was exposed until the next day when the pictures spread everywhere. At first I was very upset and I tried to do everything to get them erased from the internet, but it was too late…so I just accepted it. As some people might think, I did not do this on purpose, as the entire situation has been an embarrassment to me, my family and of course it is not very flattering as the reigning Miss Albania. My best advice: wax everyday, you never know what will happen!”

Celebrity sex scandal model Angela Martini was born in Shkodër, Albania and now lives in the US. She was the 2010 Miss Albania and competed in the Miss Universe pageant where she placed sixth. She’s been in a buncha ads and on magazine covers but has apparently not yet starred in her own TV reality show. And if you can tear your eyes away from that freshly waxed pussy, celebrity sex scandal Angela Martini is a 34C.

Celebrity Sex Scandal Oh In-hye Orange Dress Cleavage

October 19, 2011 in Celebrity Boobs

Okay guys, you’ve heard this celebrity sex scandal before starring many other people, most of whom you no longer remember. This month’s flavor is Korean actress Oh In-hye in her extreme cleavage orange dress.

Here’s the story outline: Virtually unknown actress is, well, virtually unknown. Virtually unknown actress has a flat chest, maybe “A” cups if you’re being nice. Virtually unknown actress gets a very natural looking boob job. Virtually unknown actress decides to show off her boob job and overnight generates 17,100,000 google results and god knows how many blog postings by wearing a very revealing dress at a red carpet event at the the 16th Busan International Film Festival in Busan, Korea. Heard it a few thousand times before huh? The only twist is that the star of this story, Korean actress Oh In-hye revealed nothing more than massive cleavage and side boob. No nipples, not even a peek of an areola. Most American actresses would give us that much without thinking twice.

And to show exactly how smart she is, massive cleavage showing Oh In-hye decided to play dumb in an interview a day or so later.

When told, “The dress you wore became a hot issue in the media,” she replied, “I still don’t feel it. It was my first time on the red carpet so I was just so surprised to see the reactions. All of my friends began calling me, telling me not to feel down with the hate. Although there were positive replies, there were also some bad ones. I merely went to the event hoping to get caught on camera, but I think the situation blew up into something out of my control. There were some who criticized me for going overboard, but what I want to make clear is that I didn’t seek the attention purposely.”

When asked on why she chose the dress, Oh In Hye replied, “Doesn’t everyone dream of attending a film festival? It was my first time, so I didn’t know what dress to wear. An unni I know from my movie recommended a wedding shop store in Seoul, so I rented a dress from there. I didn’t have much to choose from to begin with, so I just chose that dress. It also didn’t fit me so I had to personally tailor the shoulder part and length. I don’t have a stylist. The dress was worn by Baek Ji Young six years ago.”

She continued, “I don’t have experience with these events so I didn’t know what amount of exposure was appropriate or not. I just wore whatever they gave me. The dress was so old that a lot of it needed tailoring.”

Concluding the interview, she stated, “I’m really self conscious and get hurt easily. When I saw that I was the most searched figure online, I was worried about tomorrow. My parents knew that I had been going through a hard time and just told me to not focus on the hateful replies and just overcome it as a life experience.”

Here’s a video of Oh In-hye’s celebrity sex scandal bouncing side boobage in her orange dress at the Busan International Film Festival followed by a bunch of pictures of her in the dress. I also included one of her in the black dress she wore the following night and then one picture of her with tiny tits. Massive celebrity sex scandal and media coverage for very little skin.


Celebrity Sex Scandal Isabel Lucas Panty Upskirts

October 18, 2011 in Celebrity Pussy, Celebrity Upskirt

This will be a short celebrity sex scandal post about Transformers actress Isabel Lucas. Not because she isn’t worth of a good celebrity sex scandal or just plain old celebrity sex because she certainly is a hot little thing who appears to have worked her way through a number of Hollywood boyfriends. No, this post is short because little of her behavior so far has apparently been scandalous. Or at least what’s been caught in pictures or celebrity sextapes.

All we have of Isabel Lucas are these two upskirt incidents. Of the one sitting, this is the only picture I could find out there and this is the best of several others of her riding the bike. I mean even a google search of “Isabel Lucas Sex” only returns 1,230,000 results. Hell, a search of “Richard Nixon Sex” gets 8,290,000 google results. btw, why are so many people interested in Richard Nixon and sex?

Perhaps it’s because Isabel Lucas only moved from her home in Australia to the US in 2008 to do Transformers and she simply hasn’t had enough time to get embroiled in any good celebrity sex scandals. Or, God forbid, perhaps she’s one of those rare good girls. Isabel has, however, been an unwilling participant in someone else’s alcohol, rather than sex, scandal. She was the mysterious uninjured passenger in Shia LaBeouf’s drunken truck accident that messed up his hand during Transformers filming in 2008.

And since I don’t have any more celebrity sex scandals involving Isabel Lucas I’ll mention that she has a shitload of fan websites like I’ve never before seen. You can find them here, here, here and here.

Celebrity Sex Scandal Maria Menounos Bikini Pussy Slip

October 18, 2011 in Celebrity Pussy, Celebrity Pussy Slip

Celebrity Maria Menounos gives us a different take here on the usual wardrobe malfunction. The usual wardrobe malfunction is some sort of a nipple slip or a boob shot like the one that coined the phrase which I won’t replay but you can here. No, Maria takes it up a notch or two with this wonderful shaved pussy slip out of her black bikini. From the picture of her adjusting her bikini bottom after the pussy slip we can assume she had some idea at the time that she was showing the world her hairless pussy lips. But we know she heard about it shortly thereafter because she even Tweeted about her pussy exposure later that day: “Paparazzi had some fun! Hope the bikini shots are flattering!”

Twitter recently played a role in another celebrity sex scandal when Sheryl Crow gave the world a nice white panty upskirt while sitting on a stool in a micro-mini at some country music awards show. Later on the show Sheryl Crow mentioned that she had been Tweeted by a whole bunch of people about here upskirt.

I knew nothing about Maria Menounos before seeing these celebrity sex scandal bare pussy bikini slip pictures. (That’s a keyword sentence if I ever wrote one) My usual research told me that she’s a former Miss Teen USA contestant who turned that exposure into a career as a presenter on celebrity gossip TV shows and a few acting roles too. Unusual among people on that career path she went to college at Emerson College in Boston but I don’t believe she graduated.

Lucky for Maria Menounos, and unlucky for the rest of us perverts who think she’s a hot 30-something, this bare pussy bikini slip appears to be Maria’s only celebrity sex scandal incident. Although she appears to have some legal brouhaha going on with a former stylist which you can read about here if you care. I don’t, I just want to look at Maria Menounos’s bare pussy bikini slip.

Celebrity Sex Scandal Topless French TV Anchor Claire Chazal

October 17, 2011 in Celebrity Tit Flash, Celebrity Topless

So why am I doing a celebrity sex scandal post of 54 year old French TV news anchor Claire Chazal topless on South Beach? It’s not really a much of a scandal. She’s obviously French and Frenchwomen go topless at the beach all the time. And South Beach is legally a topless beach so she’s not doing anything illegal. So WTF?

I’m showing you these topless pictures of Claire Chazal as a standard comparison for topless and nude pictures of other mature women I show you here. Other bloggers have made fun of Chazal and suggested that she’s too old to be strutting her topless self around in public. They must be very young. I’m not quite as old as Claire but I have some years on me and I think she look fabulous and applaud her for showing her tits in public. You guys should be so lucky to have your wives, girlfriends, mistresses or fuck buddies look this good at 54. Most of you guys should be lucky to look this good yourselves with a flat stomach and firm ass.

Compare these topless beach pictures of Claire Chazal to the topless beach pics of Jade Jagger I showed you earlier. Jade’s over a decade younger but who looks better? Who, As TMZ puts it, would you rather? That’s what I mean. And wait until you see the pictures of Madonna and a few others who are about the same age.

I’ve probably seen Claire Chazal clothed while watching TF1 on TV in one Parisian hotel room or another but I have no specific memories. She does remind me,however, of most of the Frenchwomen I’ve been with in Paris swingers’ clubs. All of them looking good no matter what the age. If you can’t enjoy these celebrity sex topless pictures of Claire Chazal at least remember them when you see topless pictures of other mature women.

Celebrity Sex Courtney Love Flashes Her Tits to David Letterman

October 17, 2011 in Celebrity Boobs, Celebrity Tit Flash

There have been only three celebrity tit flash sex scandals on national network television that I can recall. The most famous, because it had the year’s largest TV audience was the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” celebrity tit flash. And the second and third celebrity sex scandal tit flashes both happened on Late Night With David Letterman. If I told you that a girl singer climbed up on Dave’s desk, lifted her shirt and flashed her tits and gave you three guesses to her identity I’m certain that Courtney Love would be among your first three guesses.

Is there anyone today who more embodies the phrase “sex and drugs and rock and roll” than Courtney Love? Sorry to all you Gaga fans but Lady Gaga is a fucking poseur compared to Courtney Love when it comes to outrageous public behavior and celebrity sex scandals. Gaga gives off the vibe of acting the outrageous behavior in public and then going home and putting on a Snuggy and drinking a glass of milk. Courtney lives it 24/7. From toplessness on stage to Twitter pic scandals, she’s done it all. Rolling Stone once called her “the most controversial woman in rock history” and google gives about 35,400,000 results to the search term “Courtney Love Sex.”

Courtney just doesn’t do outrageous things, she comes up with great quotes too. Here’s one about her sexual skills: “I’m better because I was never pretty,” she told Toure on Fuse’s ‘On the Record.’ “Pretty girls just lie there. Us girls who grew up a little more homely have to try a lot harder. That’s why pretty girls never threaten me, it’s like, yeah, you want to take me on? Take me on. Go for it.”

Courtney Love‘s most public bit of celebrity scandalous behavior to a mainstream audience was her flashing of David Letterman. She surprised the hell out of him when she lifted her shirt and flashed her tits and left Letterman speechless. And there are very, very few people who have ever left David Letterman speechless. If you don’t believe me, just watch the Courtney Love celebrity sextape scandal video here.

You didn’t really expect to see Courtney Love’s tits did you? Come on guys, it’s network TV in the U.S. The only people with the real thing are probably the cameramen and old adulterer Dave himself.

Celebrity Sextape Scandal Sonya Walger

October 16, 2011 in Celebrity Boobs, Celebrity Nude, Celebrity Sex Scene

Sonya Walger has demonstrated that a good celebrity sextape scandal can be a career enhancing move. Most of us think that having sex on camera would be a negative thing but Sonya Walger turned a middling TV career into regular appearances in Lost, FlashForward and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles after doing this sex scene in HBO’s 2007 series Tell Me You Love Me. I’ve never seen anything she’s been in so I can’t judge her acting skills but I have to believe that Sonya’s willingness to have sex on camera played a part in her getting better roles on better series.

Considering that she was 34 at the time Tell Me You Love Me, Sonya has a nice set of medium sized boobs. But I think there’s a scandal within Sonya Walger’s celebrity sextape scandal here. Check out the last picture with her leaning over the guy in black lace panties. Look at her boob hanging down. Now that’s scandalous, it looks like a baseball in a sweatsock. If I was Sonya I’d be mighty pissed at the editor for leaving those frames in the scene. As a matter of fact, the very first picture I saw of Sonya Walger was that one and I decided that it alone merited a post here because it made here look so bad. That was before I knew anything about her or her career or where the pic is from.

So what about Sonya Walger’s career? She’s a Brit, born in 1974 and was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, where she read English Literature, receiving a first class degree. No fool, Sonya, and she appeared to know exactly what she was doing when she did her celebrity sextape. A real Paris Hilton-like calculated move I’d say. Before Tell Me You Love Me she had minor parts in a bunch of TV series, the most well know of which were The Mind of the Married Man, Coupling and CSY:NY. And, as I said earlier, Sonya Walger has had recurring parts in several big name series since doing here celebrity scandal sextape. Not bad at all.