Celebrity Sex Britney Spears Butt Cheek Peek

October 15, 2011 in Butt Peek, Celebrity Upskirt

I said earlier than any celebrity sex scandal blog like this one must cover, or uncover as the case may be, the big three of modern scandalous celebrities. I did Lindsay Lohan here and Paris Hilton here so now it’s time for some Britney Spears celebrity sex scandal pictures. New Britney appears to have gotten her life back on tracks thanks to the efforts of her father and lawyers, but she’s actually had a very long career from Mickey Mouse Club days and there’s a big bag of old material to rehash even if she isn’t doing too much scandalous these days.

In these celebrity sex scandal pictures Britney Spears is out shopping somewhere in southern California in an ultra short minidress. Most women I know would consider this thing a top and wear jeans or shorts underneath but for Britney it’s a dress. Ll for the good as she gives the pap-swarm some excellent views of her butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of the dress.

Like I mentioned before about scandal creator extraordinaire Paris Hilton, it’s much better of a sex scandal if Britney didn’t know her ass cheeks would be hanging in the breeze. Or if she didn’t know that there would be pictures. With Britney I don’t think we ever know for sure. On one hand, her ass looks pretty flabby and I don’t think she’d be particularly proud of showing it to he world in that condition. On the other hand, she’s wearing big boy shorts rather than just a thong which implies she new she’d be showing. And Britney lives her life with a paparazzi swarm as you can see so she can’t be surprised that there would be pictures. Either way they’re still some nice celebrity sex scandal shots of Britney Spears’ ass.

Now, about the three pictures on the bottom row. These celebrity sex pictures of Britney reminded me of some I’d recently seen of non-celebrities but I couldn’t remember exactly where. Then it came to me. We know that Britney shops at Walmart like she did in this picture of her Christmas shopping last year at a store in Louisiana. And there is a site out there called peopleofwalmart.com, which is the source for the last two pictures. They look remarkably similar to the Britney shots don’t they? Just saying here but she probably has an opportunity to expand her universe of celebrity endorsements.