Celebrity Sex Scandal Catherine Bosley Wet T Newscaster

October 15, 2011 in Wet T-Shirt

The case of Catherine Bosley is the perfect celebrity sextape scandal. I missed it when it first hit but I’ve pieced together the story for you. Catherine Bosley’s celebrity sextape scandal has two morals for consideration. 1) If you allow yourself to be photographed and videotaped naked in public, the pictures and videos will make it to the internet with your name attached. If you don’t want the publicity, don’t do the deed. 2) Even if you win a privacy or copyright lawsuit against the original internet posted, the images never, ever go away. Again, don’t do the deed if you don’t want it to be forever one google search away.

So here’s the story as I understand it. Catherine Bosley was a daytime TV news anchor at WKBN-TV in Youngstown, Ohio after having worked her way up the ranks of tiny market stations. In March 2003 she went to Key West for unknown reasons just in time for the spring break craziness. She got completely naked in at least one wet t-shirt contest that was still photographed and videotaped and then posted on various spring break craziness sites. It appears from the pics, and these are the best quality I could find, that Catherine has a pair of bolt-ons. It’s my experience that women with new bolt ons have a compulsion to show them off I public which may have been the case here. And I would not be surprised that “alcohol was involved.” In a surprising moment of naivete for a TV news anchor, “Bosley said she asked bouncers at the bar where the contest was held if the contest would be a part of the “Girls Gone Wild” video, or if anything would make it to the national level. They said ‘no’.” I’m not sure how she reconciled that bit of information with all the camera flashes going off.

The pictures and videos inevitably made their way back to WKBN management and her shapely ass was fired. I’d be interested to see the specific clause of her contract that allowed that. Se was even discussed, but not personally interviewed, by Bill O’Reilly, which you can see here.

Now, because she’s blonde and perky (I have no idea if she’s talented) Catherine Bosley landed on her feet after her celebrity sextape scandal in 2005 and can now be seen on the air on the WOIO TV 19 Action News team in Cleveland, Ohio.


I’ll let Caterine Bosley have the final word about what she learned from her celebrity sextape scandal: “It was 20 to 30 minutes of my life. It didn’t hurt anybody. It was funny at the time,” Bosley said. “I know that I have to set a standard and I’m a bit of a role model so I take responsibility for what I’m supposed to be held up to,” she said.

2013-01-03 – Chilling Effects Notice:

Images removed after receiving death threats – wow – were her implants really that bad???