Celebrity Sex Scandal Topless French TV Anchor Claire Chazal

October 17, 2011 in Celebrity Tit Flash, Celebrity Topless

So why am I doing a celebrity sex scandal post of 54 year old French TV news anchor Claire Chazal topless on South Beach? It’s not really a much of a scandal. She’s obviously French and Frenchwomen go topless at the beach all the time. And South Beach is legally a topless beach so she’s not doing anything illegal. So WTF?

I’m showing you these topless pictures of Claire Chazal as a standard comparison for topless and nude pictures of other mature women I show you here. Other bloggers have made fun of Chazal and suggested that she’s too old to be strutting her topless self around in public. They must be very young. I’m not quite as old as Claire but I have some years on me and I think she look fabulous and applaud her for showing her tits in public. You guys should be so lucky to have your wives, girlfriends, mistresses or fuck buddies look this good at 54. Most of you guys should be lucky to look this good yourselves with a flat stomach and firm ass.

Compare these topless beach pictures of Claire Chazal to the topless beach pics of Jade Jagger I showed you earlier. Jade’s over a decade younger but who looks better? Who, As TMZ puts it, would you rather? That’s what I mean. And wait until you see the pictures of Madonna and a few others who are about the same age.

I’ve probably seen Claire Chazal clothed while watching TF1 on TV in one Parisian hotel room or another but I have no specific memories. She does remind me,however, of most of the Frenchwomen I’ve been with in Paris swingers’ clubs. All of them looking good no matter what the age. If you can’t enjoy these celebrity sex topless pictures of Claire Chazal at least remember them when you see topless pictures of other mature women.