Celebrity Sex Scandal Deena Cortese Windblown Upskirts

October 20, 2011 in Celebrity Fat Ass, Celebrity Upskirt

Thankfully for people like me, there are many flavors of celebrity sex scandals to show you. What a celebrity does, where and with whom can all be celebrity sex scandals. As we saw with Jade Jagger, how they look can be scandalous, especially when topless on the beach. And wardrobe malfunctions are always good celebrity sex scandal material, especially when the malfunction exposes a nicely waxed pussy.

In this celebrity sex scandal case of Deena Nicole Cortese from Jersey Shore, I think the celebrity sex scandal here revolves around the fact that she’s a celebrity at all. Deena’s like the lottery winner of celebrities to the second degree. Her friend Snooki, who is only slightly less likely as a celebrity, needed a a new on screen pal on Jersey Shore so she got MTV to cast Deena. That’s like buying a winning lottery ticket from some guy who found it on the street.

The second scandal involving these windblown fatass upskirt pictures of Deena Cortese is her fat ass itself. Enough said about that. The third celebrity sex scandal around these up skirt shots of Deena is that there was some paparazzi stalking her with nothing better to do than to take these fat ass upskirts. And the final celebrity sex scandal revolving around Deena’s fat ass is that you’re reading this article. Why do you care about Deena Cortese’s fat ass?

The only saving grace of these Deena Cortese fat as upskirt pictures is that she’s wearing a thong. I don’t think I could take pussy shots of her. So here are the celebrity sex scandal fatass upskirt pictures of Deena Cortese and then some at a recent event with and without Snooki for comparison.