Celebrity Sex Scandal Legend Drew Barrymore Flashes Letterman

October 20, 2011 in Celebrity Boobs, Celebrity Tit Flash

Drew Barrymore has provided the world with a veritable smorgasbord of celebrity sex scandals. Scion of a legendary family of actors and self-destructive alcoholics; on film at age five; drunk, addicted and recovered autobiographer at 15, Drew Barrymore got a fast start on the scandalous life. And don’t forget E.T. Drew Barrymore’s celebrity sex scandals opened small with a breast reduction surgery at age 16 and then went big in 1995 when she was a cover girl and nude inside the January 1995 Playboy. Also in 1995, and the main subject of this post, Drew Barrymore climbed up on David Letterman’s desk, shook her ass, showed off her slut stamps and then flashed Dave.

Drew Barrymore flashed her tits for Letterman’s birthday. She apparently forgot to stop at a Hallmark Card shop on the way to Dave’s studio. I’d rather have a flash of Drew Barrymore’s tits over a birthday card any day. I don’t remember whether this tit flashing happened before or after Courtney Love flashed hers at Dave but he’s the only man on late night TV to have gotten flashed twice.

Drew Barrymore appears to be the reigning Hollywood queen of breast reduction surgeries. Like I said, she’s reported to have had her first round at age 16. Then she had another round of breast reduction surgery in the 2006-2007 timeframe, exchanging to-the-elbow heavy hangers for a nice set of A or B cut perkies.

Along with Drew Barrymore’s celebrity sex video breast flash of David Letterman, Iv’e also included a few of her nude pictures form Playboy. Sorry about the quality but these are the best I could find. Someone needs to go in and rescan the originals with modern high-res equipment.