Celebrity Sex Lindsay Lohan Boob and Nipple

October 13, 2011 in Celebrity Boobs

This is my first post on my new blog about celebrity sex. I know the url says Celebrity Sextape Scandals but it’s a bit too limiting to require all three for a posting. So I’m going to pick and choose among the available descriptive terms and as long as a picture or video I find includes at lease one celebrity nipple, boob, pussy and/or panty crotch I’ll put it here. Also all kinds of sex action too, even celebrity kissing as long as it’s two girls. And plain old fucking and sucking as long as it involves at least one F-List or better celeb and my legal team thinks I can avoid the copyright trolls. Oh, and only the high quality stuff too and no fakes. I hate those crappy, blurry and dark cell phone pics and vids and I won’t subject you to their awfulness. Unless it’s something like Brad and Angelina fucking in public. For that, I’ll squint.

Anyway, to start things out, who better than Lindsay Lohan, one of my top five celebrity sex favorites. This shot of Lindsay’s right boob is pretty tame for her but it’s an excellent picture and you’ll be seeing much more of Lindsay on these pages as time goes on. Does anyone really give a shit where pictures like these were taken or what the girls were doing at the time? What we do know, however is that she may be emotionally excited to be wherever she is, she doesn’t appear to be very sexually excited or she’s at least not showing it. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about here you’re too young to be reading this blog or you need to get out of your patents’ basement more.

In doing research for this posting I found this fascinating montage of how Lindsay Lohan’s face has changed over the years. Less fascinating is her Twitter feed, most of which I don’t understand. I also decided to google a few things about Lindsay Lohan and sex. There are about 32,800,000 results on the search string of “Lindsay Lohan Sex” and about 18,800,000 search results on the term “Lindsay Lohan Boob” In contrast, the term “Britney Spears Sex” gets about 67,000,000 google results and “Britney Spears Boob” gets about 8,310,000 results. So we can conclude that overall people have written more about Britney and sex but Lindsay’s boobs are more popular than Britney’s. Well, it is a nice boob so enjoy it here.