Celebrity Sex Scandal Maria Menounos Bikini Pussy Slip

October 18, 2011 in Celebrity Pussy, Celebrity Pussy Slip

Celebrity Maria Menounos gives us a different take here on the usual wardrobe malfunction. The usual wardrobe malfunction is some sort of a nipple slip or a boob shot like the one that coined the phrase which I won’t replay but you can here. No, Maria takes it up a notch or two with this wonderful shaved pussy slip out of her black bikini. From the picture of her adjusting her bikini bottom after the pussy slip we can assume she had some idea at the time that she was showing the world her hairless pussy lips. But we know she heard about it shortly thereafter because she even Tweeted about her pussy exposure later that day: “Paparazzi had some fun! Hope the bikini shots are flattering!”

Twitter recently played a role in another celebrity sex scandal when Sheryl Crow gave the world a nice white panty upskirt while sitting on a stool in a micro-mini at some country music awards show. Later on the show Sheryl Crow mentioned that she had been Tweeted by a whole bunch of people about here upskirt.

I knew nothing about Maria Menounos before seeing these celebrity sex scandal bare pussy bikini slip pictures. (That’s a keyword sentence if I ever wrote one) My usual research told me that she’s a former Miss Teen USA contestant who turned that exposure into a career as a presenter on celebrity gossip TV shows and a few acting roles too. Unusual among people on that career path she went to college at Emerson College in Boston but I don’t believe she graduated.

Lucky for Maria Menounos, and unlucky for the rest of us perverts who think she’s a hot 30-something, this bare pussy bikini slip appears to be Maria’s only celebrity sex scandal incident. Although she appears to have some legal brouhaha going on with a former stylist which you can read about here if you care. I don’t, I just want to look at Maria Menounos’s bare pussy bikini slip.